unmemory doesn’t fit in a category yet. It could be a text driven graphic adventure, a point’n’click game where text is the scenario or even an escape room you can play reading.

Along 8 separate chapters you will have to dig into “your” memories to solve the mistery of a murder. You will have to overcome challenging puzzles using logic, comprehension, deduction and discovery skills.


  • Immersive story. It blends the power of words to foster imagination with the capacity of puzzles to challenge our brains to make you feel as you were inside the story.
  • Suspense + mystery + thrills! unmemory is single player mistery adventure game where text is the scenario and memories the puzzles.
  • Challenging puzzles, totally integrated in the narrative. Proof your logic, deduction and discovery skills.
  • Be the protagonist, feel inside an amazing thriller. 
  • Set in somewhere in the mediterranean coast in the late 1990s.
  • Inspired by films like Memento, Mulholland Drive, games like Monkey Island, Her Story or Device 6, and books like House of Leaves.
  • Indulge in universal themes such as memory, identity, revenge, passion and betrayal.
  • Leverages special device features as the accelerometer and gyroscope among others
  • Sound design and moody soundtrack.
  • Sophisticated and elegant design.
  • 8 chapters, up to 5 hours of super exciting gameplay!
  • Coming to iOS (mobile and tablet) first and Android later.
  • Release scheduled for late 2018 – not the longest wait!