Fun Facts (3)


The name of Jamie’s teddy bear is inspired by the character with the same name in a 1915 silent film, known for pioneering its treatment of lesbian attraction, gender fluidity, and some science fiction motifs. Filibus is a mysterious sky pirate who pulls off daring heists with her airship. In the Red Notebook, we learn that Debbie discovers this film on her first date with Diane and has a key role in inspiring both to found the Killer Kittens.

Pipa Club

The Pipa Club is a mythical music club in Plaza Real in Barcelona. A secret spot where you had to ring a bell and say a password to gain access. Once you passed the door, you had to go up to a floor decorated like an old pipe-smoking club. In the largest room, there was a small stage surrounded by tables and chairs where live gigs were held practically every night.

Beastie Boys

As fans of the Beastie Boys, we couldn’t find a better way to honor them than to inscribe their names as founders of the Pipa Club on three old paintings. Any resemblance to Michael “Mike D” Diamond, Adam “MCA” Yauch, and Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz is purely coincidental. What a pleasure was to include them in a puzzle!


It is a form of “cultural jamming” that involves covertly placing objects on display in a store.

Artists such as Banksy have performed this type of performance, although there are some earlier examples such as The Yes Men, The Barbie Liberation Organization or The Cacophony Society and others more recently such as Cildo Meireles or Joan Fontcuberta. These art pranksters are definitely a source of inspiration for the Killer Kittens who try to emulate their performances. In chapter 3, Jamie explains how the girls have performed two shopdropping actions; the first by placing thousands of teddy bears on the shelves of different toy stores, all replicas of “Filibus” with a hidden joke message. The second is a shopdropping of fake caviar cans: caviar to be invisible, to forget your ex, to be immortal… Inside the cans, far from having caviar, one could find a provocative message telling you “money can’t buy everything”.

For the promotion of unmemory, we produced about a hundred of these caviar cans that we used to send to the press and hand out at trade shows and festivals.

The Shaggs

There is a moment in chapter 3 where we can see a drum kit with The Shaggs logo on it. A detail dedicated to what many define as the worst rock group in history. According to Rolling Stone magazine, the group was noted for their ineptitude at playing rock music and described their sound as “lobotomized Trapp family singers.” Time, however, has given the group of the Wiggin sisters a cult status.

The Fang / Cold Gin

There are also references to two more bands: The Fang and Cold Gin, where our illustrious art director Ferran Gost has recently played. Kick out the jams!