How it started. Part 3.

Before I started writing anything, before I even had a clear idea of ​​the project, I told Beto the idea. We had worked together and I knew perfectly well that she was the person who could help me make what I had in mind come true. Beto has many qualities: she knows how to negotiate, connect people, manage teams, take care of people and she also loves everything that smells like innovation. But if I had to single out one thing, Beto is one of those people who makes things happen.

It happens to me that I have ideas (most bad, honestly) but I recognize that I need help to carry them out. I don’t know if because of insecurity or disability, but it doesn’t matter. When I tell Beto the proto idea of ​​unmemory, I do it wishing she would join the project. And I’m lucky and relieved that she accepts to participate in the project.

From that moment, the two of us began to work together, to outline and define the project, its magnitude, its scope, its dimension. She puts my feet on the ground (she always does), bringing pragmatism and realism to the decisions we should make, the steps we need to take and the vision of the project. An example: she has always bet on unmemory being a game, but not too much a game so that anyone interested in the story could not enjoy it. In other words, push the book side of the project. And that north, we have always had in mind in unmemory.

Beto also has the idea to do a crowdfunding campaign to finance unmemory on Kickstarter. That would allow us to test the demand for the product through a pre-sale, at the same time that we begin to communicate the product and create a community around it. I will never thank her enough for that initiative. Kickstarter has been key to develop our project, it’s been a sweet surprise that deserves a separate article.

In short, I think unmemory and myself, we both needed someone like Beto. Together we possibly make a good team because we go with each other. And together we started to walk and look for more talent to join the project. Pere and Ferran first. Then Joan and Julio. And later Jaime and Rachael.