The Red Notebook

The Red Notebook is Debbie’s personal journal. She starts it at 18 years old, when she comes to the city to study architecture. After fleeing two years in different countries, Debbie decides to return and move to the house that her father has given her for her birthday. There she tells how her days at university are, how hard it is for her to make friends, the hours she dedicates to her beloved radio show and her sexual adventures. Its pages are also full of memories and anecdotes of her adolescence, of the unbearable relationship with her mother, of her feelings towards a father who abandoned her when she was only 5 years old.

That diary also tells of the crush she had with Diane and how it made her want to live again. It also tells how the Killer Kittens were born and in their entries one can read how they prepared and perpetrated their situationist performances: when they change the prerecorded messages of thousands of stuffed animals and put them back on the shelves; the time they bought alarm clocks, secretly scheduled them for everyone to ring at 3 a.m. and then return them to the stores; when they changed the inside pages of motel bibles for erotic stories; or when they impersonated broadcasters of an important sporting event to broadcast a pastafarian mass. Thus, little by little, what started as a personal diary, ends up being a manifesto of the Killer Kittens. Until Debbie is sentenced for vandalism to spend a few months in jail.

When she gets out of jail, everything will have changed. Not only her relationship with Diane but also the purpose of the Red Notebook. Thereafter, strange messages begin to appear in its pages, clues to a masterpiece that transforms the diary into the guide into a “treasure hunt” map.

In short, this diary is an extension of the unmemory story, which somehow complements it, delving into Debbie’s character, expanding the adventures of the Killer Kittens and revealing the artistic purpose of the girl group.

The two main sources of inspiration for writing the Red Notebook have been Jennifer Lynch’s Laura Palmer’s Secret Diary and Lesley Arfin’s Dear Diary.

Writing it is being quite a challenge. We are doing it six-handed, with the invaluable collaboration of two great writers and best people: Bea Andreu and Carlos Serra.