The Killer Kittens

In a society drowsy with consumerism, the Killer Kittens expose power groups using their own structures and operations.

They have a radio show. They have a fanzine. But above all, they have the wit and forcefulness of their artistic actions to have fun and occupy the media.

They are media terrorists. Joey Scaggs, the Yes Men, the Barbie Liberation Organization or the Cacophony Society are their masters.

Their masterpiece is also the most risky: stealing like white-gloved professionals and then spreading the loot. Not among the poorest, but among the smartest.

They have many dens. They have more hiding places. They call them DEBASERs.

A simple Red Notebook has kept its secrets for a long time. But that is about to end. It is now a treasure map that anyone can have access to. Including you.