The characters

It is always easier to start with someone you know and from there shape it and add details to make it yours. We usually start with a data or a character, and from there, we suggest things and write down brief descriptions, motivations, tribulations… Those definitions are always alive and we mold them as we develop the scenes, with the invaluable inputs from Carlos Serra and Bea Andreu, with whom we simultaneously wrote the Red Notebook.

These are the last descriptions of the characters that I keep (although some things have changed and others are sure to change)


Diane Bonet

Profile: She is 26 years old. Daughter of working parents. His father was a doctor, her mother was a lawyer. She has studied in good schools and speaks 5 languages. She likes going to concerts, doing topless, painting, playing video games, and loves animals. She is very talented in everything she does. She went to the conservatory, but ended up playing the drums. She has played in different bands. She is studying Fine Arts at college. She is brunette. Very attractive. She has a special, captivating and irresistible charm that makes anyone fall in love with her, be it man or woman.

Relationships: Diane and Debbie meet at the Pipa Club, betting on dice. They have been girlfriends for two and a half years. Always inseparable they formed an artistic group called the Killer Kittens along with Jamie, Kim and then Little Rabbit. Their performances have an activist spirit and fight against the great powers (government, corporations and the press). Some border on illegality. While Debbie is serving a six-month prison sentence for stuffing a bream into a safe deposit box at a well-known bank, Diane falls in love with someone. Upon leaving prison, far from regretting, Debbie wants to launch a new and much greater performance: stealing from a few rich people and preparing a “treasure hunt” so that the smartest will keep the loot. Diane is not comfortable with this new plan so she decides to leave the Killer Kittens and break up with Debbie.

Motivations: Diane wants to take the most out of life. She is full of vitality. She has charm. She easily falls in love with anyone who comes across her. She is an explorer of sensations, of her own limits. She likes to get carried away by the situation. That does not mean that she has no personality. Rather to the contrary, it is a condition that defines her. Diane finds Debbie a catalyst for emotions and experiences. She finds her dangerous and full of adventure. Diane is a loyal person. Loyal to Debbie and the Killer Kittens. But one day, she will find her real love.

Jay Samorost

Profile: Mobster. 47 years. Arms and diamonds dealer. He uses the luxury real estate sector, a football team and a couple of art galleries as a cover. He loves boxing and women. They are his downfall. He has no scruples or problems using violence.

Tribulations: Samorost attends one of the Killer Kittens parties invited by a friend. While that happens, the rest of the gang takes the opportunity to steal a cache of diamonds and money that he keeps in his house. Although he cannot prove it, Samorost suspects that Debbie is involved and threatens her. Cornered by Samorost’s minions, the Killer Kittens hatch a plan to finish him off.

Relationships: At the Killer Kittens party, Samorost falls in love with Kim believing she is the actress Patricia Arquette.

Motivations: Samorost is driven by power, money and sex. In that order. Samorost is willing to do anything to achieve his goals or to defend his own.

Deborah J. Steinbecker (Debbie)

Profile: Her full name is Deborah Jean Steinbecker. She is 27 years old. Her father was an architect. A college professor for a long time that form day to night becomes one of the greatest and most persecuted white-gloved thieves in history. The police never arrest him. Her mother was a famous actress who divorced her father when Debbie was 5 years old. After that Debbie has not seen him again. It is possessive, intuitive and machiavellian. Very whimsical. Unscrupulous. She loves money. She studies architecture like her father. She has a program on the college radio, “Ladies Who Lust”, where she plays music and talks music, art and sex. She is the ideologist and leader of the Killer Kittens. She has been convicted of vandalism to spend time in prison for artistic action.

Relationships: Debbie falls in love with Diane at first sight. They have a passionate and crazy relationship that lasts 2 and a half years. She meets Jamie, Diane’s cousin and settles with her in a flat owned by Debbie. She never completely trusts her, probably because she feels like she couldn’t manipulate her like the rest. In prison, Debbie meets Doolittle, and tells him the idea of ​​a new KIller Kittens performance.

Motivations: Debbie is a megalomaniac. She does her best to be the center of attention. She is rebellious. Hatred moves her. She accuses the divorce of her parents and the absence of her father in childhood. She undergoes a change during her stay in prison. As a result of a punishment that she considers unfair, Debbie becomes more ambitious and determined. She is willing to do anything to get what she wants.

Jamie Fiorentino

Profile: She is Diane’s cousin and member of the Killer Kittens. It comes from a small town. She is 27 years old. She is a programmer. She has a lot of talent for everything that has to do with electronics. She is a hacker ahead of her time. She likes techno music, video games, and comics. She loves to dance, drink and party. She has worked in various places occasionally: shop assistant, a sex shop, a cashier… She had a delinquent boyfriend, a member of the famous Pink Panthers.

Relationships: She shares a flat with Debbie when she gets to town. Shortly after, she joins the artistic group of the Killer Kittens. Jamie meets Kim one day at a hockey game. She is amazed at how good she is and how much she looks like Patricia Arquette. They become very good friends.

Kimberly Levente (Kim)

Profile: She is 26 years old. She is the daughter of Hungarian immigrants. She is a model, mute and member of the Killer Kittens. She works as a double for a famous actress (Patricia Arquette). She is agile and fast. She is very good at sports, especially hockey. She loves listening to music tapes with headphones.

Lian Reed “Conejito”

Profile: She is 31 years old and is the “fifth” Killer Kitten. She started as a designer but is now a tattoo artist and has her own studio. She can get anything you ask for – from dynamite to a platypus. She is a specialist in counterfeiting. Little Rabbit is Jamie’s tattoo artist.