About us...

We are a small team based in Barcelona and unmemory is our first game. Our vision is to create artistically unique projects that have a story to tell and broaden the view of what games could be. We aim to deliver a remarkable and deeply satisfying user experience by blending gameplay, narration and outstanding aesthetics.

Why unmemory?

Because we love books and their power to make our imagination fly. But it seems that nowadays there is less and less people who read. So we thought on how could we improve the reading experience and since we’ve always admired the way games immerse us in a story we we thought it could be a good idea to mix both worlds, games and literature.

And that’s how we decided to do unmemory, a book you can play or a game you can read, but above all, an artful entertainment project that tries to broaden the view of what games and books could be, and hopefully makes more people read (and play)