References and inspirations. Part 2.

Diane: The name of the murdered girl comes from the protagonist of Mulholland Drive, Diane Selwyn played by Naomi Watts. In addition to the name they also share personality: sweet, adorable, charming, with a vulnerable air. That kind of girl that everyone falls in love with.

Jamie: In this case there is no reference for the name but there is for the character. From the beginning we always imagined Jamie as Darlene, the leading programmer of Mr. Robot. We did not give it the same name because we were looking for one that started with J and was gender neutral. But yeah, Jamie’s character is very smart, tech-savvy, stubborn, provocative, has a special beauty like Carly Chaikin, and can get just about anything she sets her mind to.

Kim: Kim’s character has several references. It’s a mix of Yen, the Asian from Ocean’s Eleven, with Roxy, Sharon Stone’s lover in Basic Instinct. We were looking for an athletic profile, with two peculiarities: she was mute and that hes job was to double that of some famous model or actress who in the end turned out to be Patricia Arquette. Much earlier, however, we had already named her after another famous actress of the 90s: Kim Bassinger.

Debbie: Deborah was always a mix too. She is a femme fatale, cold, calculating, manipulative, very sensual like Linda Fiorentino in The Last Seduction, dangerous and intelligent like Neve Campbell in Wild Things or simply evil like Sheryl Fenn in Twin Peaks.

Little Rabbit: This character’s name is taken from a character in Mark E. Danielewski’s play, The House of Leaves. There is a girl who, in addition to being a tattoo artist, gets drugs for the protagonist. And so we imagine this girl, with some exotic trait, Latin or Asian, capable of achieving anything you ask of her, from a stick of dynamite to a platypus. Little Rabbit is that kind of discreet people, with many contacts capable of getting you out of any trouble. Like Winston Wolf in Pulp Fiction.

Jay Samorost: The villain in our history. We always imagined him as a Russian who has made his fortune with dark and amoral businesses. His last name obviously pays tribute to one of our favorite sagas: the Samorost games by Amanita Design.

Eddie Coyle: The Eddie Coyle character fulfills the same role as Sammy Jankins in Memento. The name is taken from George W. Higgins’ book, The Friends of Eddie Coyle, a different crime novel, a source of inspiration for many filmmakers (including Tarantino), as it is built entirely upon the characters’ dialogues.

DEBASER: This reference is one of the ones we like the most. The name DEBASER comes from one of our favorite groups, the Pixies, and a song from their album Doolittle. But it seems that the word DEBASER does not mean a device or a safe or anything like that. The curious thing, however, is that for us, that our native language is not English, DEBASER sounds like that to us: a strange, technological device. Don’t ask why.