unmemory mixes narrative, interactive means and game mechanics to immerse yourself in a story.

unmemory lives at the intersection of literature and game, taking advantage of the best of both worlds. You need to read to overcome challenging puzzles and move forward in a thriller story where image, sound and interactive functions are carefully interwoven into the narrative.

The result is an experience that tests your ability to solve a mystery, but above all that makes you feel inside the story.

Read it. Play it. Live the mystery.

unmemory tells the story of a person who is tracking down the man who murdered his girlfriend, a member of a band of lady thieves. The difficulty, however, of locating the murderer is compounded by the fact that he suffers from a rare, untreatable form of memory loss.  Using notes, pictures and recorded messages he will have to solve the mystery and maybe, just maybe, discover an uncomfortable truth in this thriller story set in the 90s about love, revenge and the influence of our memories in our identity.

Each chapter is dedicated to a different memory trigger and game mechanics are designed to make the player feel the way time (chapter 2), music (3), pain (4), touch (5), taste (6), places (7) or smell (8) affect and bring back our memories and prove that without memories we don’t know who we really are.

But behind this noir plot there are the real protagonists, the Killer Kittens, an all-girl art group within the culture jamming movement that fight against an unfair and sexist capitalist society through their art pranks. “I kiss everything I kill, I kill everything I kiss” is the motto of these ingenious, seductive and empowered girls, capable of transforming the most incredible robberies into a masterpiece of art.

Main features

Text is the gameplay: Reading is essential to solve the puzzles and move forward along 8 chapters of a thriller story.

High end aesthetics: everything on unmemory has been carefully crafted, from the editorial design to the sophisticated photographs or the nostalgic devices curation.

A highly immersive storytelling format: unmemory lives at the intersection of games and literature and broadens the view of what games (and books) could be. 

Nostalgia vibe: unmemory is full of 90s references to noir thrillers, games like Monkey Island or iconic devices like the walkman, the minidisc or the Casio watch.

...and more

–  8 chapters, up to 6 hours of gameplay.
–  Original sound track
–  Available in iOS, Android and PC.
–  Coming October 2020.

If you like films like Memento or Mulholland Drive. If you are fan of games like Monkey Island, Device 6, Blackbar or Her Story. If you like books like The House of Leaves or Masquerade. Or if you are just a fan of escape games… there are big chances you will like unmemory.

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