unmemory mixes narrative, interactive means and game mechanics to immerse yourself in a story.

unmemory lives at the intersection between literature and play, taking advantage of the best of both worlds. It combines the potential of the written word to heighten our imagination, with the ability of game mechanics and interactions to make us part of a story.

The result is an experience that tests our ability to solve the challenges of a mystery, but above all that makes us feel protagonists.

unmemory is a text-driven puzzle adventure game.

unmemory tells the story of person who is tracking down the man who  murdered his girlfriend. The difficulty, however, of locating the killer is compounded by the fact that he suffers from a rare, untreatable form of memory loss. Using notes, pictures and recorded messages he will have to solve the mystery and maybe, just maybe, discover an uncomfortable truth.

Each chapter is dedicated to a particular aspect of our memory: the way time affects our memories (chapter 2), and the power of music (3), pain (4), touch (5), taste (6) or places (7)  to bring them up. Suming up, unmemory is a story about how memories build our own identity.

Read it. Play it. Live the mystery.

Text and interactions might seem simple features, but when they’re combined with game mechanics (and sound and images) they become powerful tools to make you feel inside a story. unmemory is designed to make you live a mystery.

Narrative and interaction are carefully balanced. Puzzles not only are intrinsically part of the story but they serve as a vehicle to tell it. To solve them you must read, understand and use you deduction skills. Audios, images, interactions (gestures such as pinching, tracking, …) and functionalities (gyroscope, accelerometer…) are also merged and effortlessly interwoven into the narrative.

Details and aesthetics of the story have been developed with great care, resulting in a sophisticated and elegant design that creates its own unique world. With no menus or commands, the interface is uniquely similar to that of a novel. 

Main features

–  8 chapters, up to 5 hours of gameplay.
–  Original sound track
–  Available in iOS and Android
–  English and Spanish versions.
–  Coming early 2020.

If you like films like Memento or Mulholland Drive. If you are fan of games like Monkey Island, Device 6, Blackbar or Her Story. If you like books like The House of Leaves or Masquerade. Or if you are just a fan of escape games… there are big chances you will like unmemory.

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Why unmemory

Because we love books and their power to make our imagination fly. But it seems that nowadays there is less and less people who read. So we thought on how could we improve the reading experience and since we’ve always admired the way games immerse us in a story we we thought it could be a good idea to mix both worlds, games and literature.

And that’s how we decided to do unmemory, a book you can play or a game you can read, but above all, an artful entertainment project that tries to broaden the view of what games and books could be, and hopefully makes more people read (and play)